Roll up garage doors

Roll up garage door is a perfect solution for newly raised buildings as well as the existing ones. The biggest advantage is space saving, as the door is operating vertically.
It is invaluabe when you have not enough yard space and not a big car. Rolled up curtain does not limit the visibility, which significantly improves the driver’s safety.

  • used in newly raised buildings or the existing ones,
  • aluminium panel filled with polyurethane foam,
  • on a sliding console or a fixed console,
  • space saving,
  • does not limit the visibility,
  • good thermal and acoustic insulation,
  • electric drive,
  • contains protecting elements such as inertial brake, and the possibility of choosing lock hangers,
  • can additionally be equipped with a set of photocells,
  • possibility of assembly with glass-panelled profile,
  • wide range of colours available in the offer.