Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage door is a unique technical and aesthetic solution that meets the highest requirements of users. They open vertically upwards allowing unrestricted use of the whole area in front of the garage and inside of it.
Special construction of the panels guarantees safety – accidental squeezing of the fingers while closing or opening the door is impossible.

  • used in newly raised buildings or the existing ones,
  • high anticorrosive protection,
  • warm panel filled with polyurethane foam of 395 mm thickness,
  • two types of panel height: 500 or 610 mm,
  • space saving,
  • good acoustic and thermal insulation (heat transfer coefficient U=0,54 w/m2K),
  • does not limit the visibility,
  • electric or manual drive,
  • wide range of colours and embossments available in the offer.