Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

How to take a good care of your external shutters? A few of the Manufacturer’s tips.

  • Clean accumulated dirt from all the visible elements systematically.
  • The shutter box and the guides (more specifically, the recess in which the armor moves) can be cleaned with compressed air.
  • In order to remove dirt use only soft cloths. Do not use rough sponges/ cloths, which may cause scratches of the shutter elements and distort the visual effect.
  • Aggressive cleaning agents (including any type of cream cleaners) should not be used.
  • Shutters washing should always be preceeded by removing dirt such as dust, sand etc, which could cause scratches when not removed.
  • In the case of blinds with manual control, the rope and strap can be cleaned with water with the addition of washing up liquid or soap.
  • Cleaning the drive-controlled external shutters should be started with disconnecting them from power supply
  • Can pressure washer be used? Yes, it can, but carefully. Water pressure should be delicate so as not to destroy the shutter varnish structure as well as the lamellas forming the armor
  • The seals should be washed at least once a year! Thanks to that they will not harden or perish. In order to extend their durability, preservatives should be applied. We recommend using preparations intended for window and car seals.
  • The shutters should not be cleaned if the temperature outside is above 0 degrees Celsius or below.
  • Remember also about windowsill cleaning.

    All the points above will prove effective if they are done on a regular basis and with proper care.