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Front-mounted system

Roller shutters in front-mounted systems are intended to be used mainly in existing buildings. Lack of interference in the current condition of the building is undoubtedly a real asset of these products, as they do not require any special preparation for installation and are not integrated with the window.

Thanks to this, the decision on installing the front-mounted system roller shutters can be made at any time. The elements of the system made of high-quality sheet metal are characterized by higher resistance to abrasion and weather conditions.

The box placed in the wall or in the jambs has a decorative function and is matched to the design of the building.

  • components of the largest aluminium distributor – Aluprof
  • three models of boxes are available: oblique, semi-oval, oval
  • possible application for window and door joinery (shopping and eating places),
  • manual or electric drive,
  • extremely wide range of colours
  • the box is fixed to the window recess or to the wall above the window,
  • also available with an extruded profile (anti-burglary)
  • aluminium panel filled with polyurethane foam with very good thermal properties.