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Rolling doors

Roller shutters are space-saving, as their range covers the vertical plane. This is a valuable solution for those with small yards and garages. The roller blind does not restrict visibility, greatly improving the safety of drivers. The product is also a solution used in public facilities such as shopping malls to protect storefronts. The roll-up door is designed to operate in a variety of conditions, so we have introduced a number of modifications and additions to enable it to operate smoothly.

  • Excellent acoustic and thermal insulation,
  • Both ventilated and glazed profiles can be used,
  • wide range of colors,
  • Availability of safety devices,
  • Aluminum panel filled with polyurethane foam,
  • The use of a mobile or fixed console,
  • Installation in new or existing buildings,
  • components produced by the largest aluminum leader, Aluprof.

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