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Top-mounted system

It is a very universal product, enabling fully exposed, partly built-in or completely built-in shutter box installation as the front part of the box is at the same time a base for any finishing material (e.g. polystyrene, plaster, clinker, etc.), thanks to that it remains an unnoticeable element of the facade. The boxes are made of high-quality PVC elements, insulated additionally from the inside which improves the thermal parameters of the product.

The system is characterised by direct installation of the shutter box on the window frame with an appropriate adaptive profile. The thermal parameters of the system are confirmed by the IFT Rosenheim center certificate.

  • SKT NOVA system (integrated window screen placed under the shutter armour),
  • MKT unit can be installed at any time, even after placing the shutter on the window frame,
  • decorative element for the exposed boxes: rounded side profiles,
  • quick and easy installation,
  • Reno variant available, intended for the use of old jambs constituting the load-bearing element of the building structure,
  • Monoblock configuration designed for buildings insulated from the inside,
  • alternative choice of PVC armour,
  • components of the largest aluminium
  • distributor – Aluprof

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